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  Patagonia Boat Works is experienced with many different types of marine repairs, from cosmetic refurbishing to structural damage.We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest standard of quality workmanship.


  Over the winter season, much of the activity of upgrading, rebuilding, hardware and electrical system improvements, wood working, painting of hulls and decks, epoxy bottom work and core repairs  are undertaken. Rudder replacement, interior layout changes and overall enhancement of systems are but a few of the annual chores accomplished.

  We will work with your dealer or manufacturer  to resolve any warranty issues you may have.


  Call us and we will handle your insurance claim for a rapid stress free resolution to your boat repair.

 Patagonia Boat Works specializes in all aspects of structural repairs whether it is your transom, stringers, bulkheads or rotted deck.

 We can rebuild or restore original woodwork incorporating epoxy construction and epoxy/urethane finishes.

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